Aballey Trading Establishment is a national corporation specializing in security systems, computers and electronics.

Aballey Trading Establishment was established under the commercial registration No. / 1123001668 e and the date of 8/4/1428 for the activities of import, wholesale and retail hardware, security systems, computers and electronics.

And acting under the authorization of the Ministry of Interior No. / 3/3651/1, Date 20/05/1428 the corporation imports, sales, installs, operates and maintains of the security systems.

After a short time, we started our activities by the opening of a branch of the institution under Commercial Registration No. / 1123001687 and date 29/06/1428 for the activities of installation, operation and maintenance of electronic systems.

In the same time we also launched the website of the corporation on the Internet at

The corporation provides integrated solutions for security systems , computers and networks through the import of the essential components of these systems and gathering part of them in the corporation headquarter in Riyadh.

Our Vision

To be an excellence institution in the field of security systems, electronic and computer networks and our brand spread everywhere.

Our Mission

Provide the best services to our clients to achieve their requirements with high quality and the lowest possible cost.

Our Commitments

The establishment is committed to provide its clients with a modern, high-quality and competitively priced products in the market for security systems , computers and electronics, and achieving customer satisfaction through the achievement of his requirements, and provide the maximum technical support.